December 1, 2003

The Organizational Subcommittee considered a proposed organizational structure and ground rules for the Diesel Difference Working Group and made the following decisions with respect to the proposals:

  • The Working Group's organizational structure will consist of an Executive Committee with decision making authority and of at least five subcommittees focused on specific issues. The five subcommittees will address recognition criteria, organizational structure, mobile source emission credits, tax credits, and corporate sponsorship. The Diesel Difference Working Group as a whole should determine whether or not a sixth subcommittee is required to address technical issues.
  • The Diesel Difference Working Group will meet once a month.
  • The Executive Committee's members will consist of a representative of EPA, of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, of the City of Philadelphia's Managing Director's Office, of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, of a non- governmental environmental and/or public planning organization, and of a fleet operator.
  • The Executive Committee will decide issues through a majority vote. The fleet operator's representative will vote only with respect to questions where the fleet operator has no financial or other conflict of interest.
  • The Executive Committee will usually vote on proposals during a general Working Group meeting. The Executive Committee can also meet and act separately if needed.
  • The Chair or members of the Executive Committee will in most cases propose issues to be decided by the Committee. The Diesel Difference Working group as a whole can also request, by a majority vote, that the Executive Committee consider an issue.
  • Anyone can become a member of the Diesel Difference Working group by endorsing the group's vision statement and the ground rules.
  • Anyone can attend a Working Group or Executive Committee meeting.
  • The six proposed general ground rules were accepted.

Note: In making its decisions, the Organizational Subcommittee assumed that the Diesel Difference Working Group would be encouraging diesel retrofits in the City of Philadelphia and in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties. The Subcommittee recognized that the Diesel Difference Working Group might decide at a later date to expand the area where it is encouraging retrofits.