We, the members of the "Philadelphia Diesel Difference Initiative," recognize that the greater Philadelphia area has an air pollution problem, as evidenced by measured levels of ground level ozone, fine particulate and air toxics. We realize that emissions from diesel powered buses, trucks, locomotives, construction equipment, and other on and off-road diesel sources are a major contributing factor to this problem, and that these emissions cause lung cancer in humans and aggravate respiratory diseases.

Accordingly, we have undertaken the challenge of reducing the air pollutants that diesel-powered engines emit in the greater Philadelphia area. We have jointly pledged to 1) promote projects and strategies that will reduce emissions from diesel engines in the greater Philadelphia area, 2) increase the availability and use of EPA and CARB verified diesel emission control technologies, 3) encourage idling reduction efforts and technologies, 4) promote the use of emission reducing fuels, and 5) promote practices and habits that reduce diesel fuel consumption.

We have shown our commitment to participating as active members in the Philadelphia Diesel Difference Working Group by our signatures below:


American Lung Association of Pennsylvania Kevin M. Stewart Director of Environmental Health
Clean Air Council Joseph Otis Minott, Esq. Executive Director
Citizen's for Pennsylvania's Future (Penn Future) John Hanger President and CEO
City of Philadelphia, Department of Public Health Dr. Donald F. Schwarz Deputy Mayor of Health and Opportunity
City of Philadelphia, Office of Fleet Management Timothy Lynch Deputy Fleet Manager
City of Philadelphia, Managing Director's Office Philip R. Goldsmith Managing Director
Cummins Power Systems, Inc Kevin Benson Retrofit Sales Manager
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission John J. Coscia Executive Director
The Energy Cooperative Nadia Adawi Director of Operations
Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Program Dennis R. Winters Coordinator
Great Valley School District Michael F. Detwiler, Sr. Transportation Supervisor
Green Building Solutions & Supplies Edmond J. Carreras  
Krapf Bus Company Dale N. Krapf President
National School Transportation Association Dale N. Krapf Board President
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Kathleen A. McGinty Secretary
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Michael D. McClurkin Fleet Equipment Operations Manager
Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc. Larry Rosen Consultant
School District of Philadelphia John Lombardi Administrator of Transportation Services
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Pat Nowakowski Assistant General Manager
Sprague Energy Steven J. Levy Director
Ultraco William H. Schaller President
United States Environmental Protection Agency Donald S. Welsh Regional Administrator
Wissahickon School District Dr. Stanley Durtan, Jr. Superintendent of Schools

Concerned Citizens and Other Individuals:

Kirt Flowers
Roberta Perry



To endorse the charter, use the following form and fax it to Philadelphia Diesel Difference (215-567-5791) or email Eric.

Charter Endorsement Form (.doc, 26 KB)